When Multiple Alarm Troubles Arise

Project Overview

A new customer told us about multiple troubles on their fire panel. It was an older combination fire / burglary panel with over 50 different points on it, along with an outdated zone list that had been altered numerous times by previous contractors. Each time our customer had various companies come check it out, it was running up the service hours on site trying to track down the faults, as zone list was not matching what was out in the field.
  • Project date: November 2018
  • Project Location: Quality Inn
  • Project Value: $5,000 to $6,000

Project Challenge

The challenge with this location was the fact that this was a hotel, with devices in tenants rooms, and it consisted of work on multiple floors.

Project Solution

With efficient communication and scheduling on-site management, we were able to accomplish this task in under a week. Since we would basically be building an entire new zone list and programming as needed, we had multiple technicians on site for this project.

Project Process

Scheduled with management a week ahead of time so tenants would know when we would be in and out of rooms.
We placed one technician at the panel to write down all points that came in at panel and labeled accordingly. The other technician went to each device tied to the panel and tested / verified with tech at panel for accuracy of location and device type.
We compiled a complete updated list for the customer and future technicians that would be called out to location, thus reducing time on-site in the long run when new troubles arise.
Upon completion we performed a 100% fire alarm inspection with report of all devices for the location.