Kitchen Hood Discharge

Project Overview

A national restaurant chain loves to serve and entertain Oklahoma City families, with its busiest operating hours on the weekends. Without a functioning kitchen, their business will take a hit to their revenue. Fortunately, this restaurant trusts FPS in the most dire circumstances.
  • Project date: September 2018
  • Project Location: Oklahoma City
  • Project Value: $2000 to $3000

Project Challenge

Our valued client had a kitchen hood discharge on a Sunday morning as their kitchen staff was preparing to open for the day. In this state, the restaurant wasn’t able to serve food until the kitchen hood system was repaired and functioning properly.

Project Solution

FPS Technologies made a temporary repair to the Kitchen Hood detection line to allow the restaurant to resume operations as quickly as possible. For the convenience of the restaurant, FPS returned after operating hours to make a permanent repair to the detection line.

Project Process

Our valued client called the FPS after hours emergency hotline on a Sunday morning and welcomed an FPS technician within 2h hours of their original call.
FPS Tech performed diagnosis with the restaurant manager and located the cause of the kitchen hood discharge.
FPS made a temporary repair to the detection line and refilled chemical into the system tank and installed a new actuation cartridge.
FPS reviewed the repair with the building manager and scheduled a permanent repair to the kitchen hood system to take place during after restaurant hours.